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Who are we?

Article III      HISTORY

Section 1.

"The Howard Players, the on-campus theatrical organization at Howard University, has been a voice for the performing arts since 1907. Ernest Everett Just came to the University in 1909 as an instructor of English and together, with a number of students, organized the first drama group, known as the College Dramatic Club. For several years, this club gave performances annually at the Howard Theatre, a local theatre in Washington, D.C...  [In 1919] courses in Dramatic Art were offered for academic credit for the first time and the College Dramatic Club became known as the Howard Players by 1925. The practical work of acting, character portrayal, technical work for the stage, making of costumes, and production management became the course offerings in Dramatic Art... By the 1960’s, The Howard University Players were recognized, which they still are today, as the 'Howard Players.' These Players began to attribute Ernest Everett Just, Anne Cooke Reid, and Owen Dodson as the three founders of their beloved organization."

Notable Howard Players

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