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Mali’s running out of ideas. After organizing a peaceful protest at the Harlem Black Lives Matter mural, an unidentified person threw a Molotov cocktail into the crowd, inciting fights, shootings, and a riot. Mali escaped to the 116th street train station, tired, nearly shot, and feeling defeated. Nearby, a Kora Player plays peacefully.  But as Mali’s anger intensifies, so does the music, sending Mali into some altered state of consciousness.

Mali regains her senses, only to find herself no longer at the train station, but in Esu's territory: Chaos Realm. With her are four other individuals, all of whom are unsure how they arrived. As Mali and the group look for a way out, they soon discover an unbelievable truth: each one of them is actually the same person…from a different reality.  Now, Mali and her other “selves” must work together, not just to return to their realities…but to go back with the key to helping their people…and their worlds.

March 12-13, 20 • 7:30pm EST                   

March 21 • 2:30pm EST

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